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“is simply to teach the fundamentals of digital photography to photography enthusiasts, in a holistic, fun & approachable way.”

I Love Photography is all about super fun and educational digital photography courses, photography tips, classes, techniques and photography blog for everyday people who own a digital camera and want to know how to further their knowledge and skills in digital photography.

The I love photography network was started by an award winning portrait and wedding photographer, Emily Hanna of esh photography, because she loves photography and wants to share her 15+ years of experience in the photography industry with others in a simple and friendly way.

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We offer weekend photography courses, one-on-one tutorial sessions, tips and techniques on our blog and digital photo editing classes.


What are the auto modes on a DSLR Camera?

What are the auto modes on a DSLR Camera?

It is indeed a paradoxical title the one we deal here. You would believe that the sole purpose of a DSLR camera is to ensure that one does not have to rely on the auto mode. Yet, time and again, we find ourselves fiddling with the buttons and dials on our camera.

So what are those auto modes rather auto features on your camera?

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