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Our mission

“is simply to teach the fundamentals of digital photography to photography enthusiasts, in a holistic, fun & approachable way.”

I Love Photography is all about super fun and educational digital photography courses, photography tips, classes, techniques and photography blog for everyday people who own a digital camera and want to know how to further their knowledge and skills in digital photography.

The I love photography network was started by an award winning portrait and wedding photographer, Emily Hanna of esh photography, because she loves photography and wants to share her 15+ years of experience in the photography industry with others in a simple and friendly way.

What we offer

We offer weekend photography courses, one-on-one tutorial sessions, tips and techniques on our blog and digital photo editing classes.

Cool infographics for photography beginners

Communicating something visually is often the easiest way to explain a concept or something that might otherwise be challenging to explain.

It is said "a picture is worth a thousand words"

So we have put together this little list of cool infographics to help explain some photography concepts, both for beginners and pros alike. 

We hope you enjoy.

This is one of our favorites! Explaining shutterspeed, aperture and ISO. Gracefully, visually representing that strange thing with aperture, where the lower the aperture number, the larger the hole and more aperture....

Exposure guide, road to photography

It's always good to get an understanding of the technology and science behind what it is you are delving into. Sometimes, having an understanding and knowledge can unlock an idea or give some meaning around something you have often wondered about.

This infographic explains one of the most amazing accomplishments in science, technology and knowledge into a really nice picture.

The science of photography


The science of photography. Photography tips and basics.
Post production lessons
from 120.00

These 2 hour digital photo editing classes will focus on the digital photo editing basics.

  • How to get images from your camera to your computer.
  • The differences between RAW and JPGs
  • Software choices and benefits
  • Editing a RAW file
  • Basic colour and contrast corrections
  • Extracting and saving
  • Online services and backing up options

5 steps to taking better photographs

Digital photography tips for beginners

This is what we do at i❤photography, help people learn the basics on our 2 day, jam packed weekend digital photography course.

Canberra weekend photography course
from 210.00

This photography course is held over the weekend, starting on Saturday morning and finishing on the Sunday evening.

Date: TBA

Contact us and we can arrange a date for a group, or, we will nominate a date that suits once we have enough numbers.
If you want some training now I would be more than happy for some one on one personal lessons.

Day 1 - theory & technical
Day 2 - practical

You can attend only one day if prefer.

Bring your friends and you receive a discount.

1 Friend = 10%, 2 Friends = 15%, 3 Friends = 20%

You can book up to 4 places using this system. For bookings beyond 4 places, please contact us and we can talk to you about a group booking rate.

If you do not have a credit card and can not pay online, please contact us and we will organise payment and registration.

Hit the drop down below to choose days and how many you are booking for and the price will update.


Film is where it all started. We started in film and still like to take a journey back and re-discover where it all came from. Much of digital photography is modeled on re-creating those days and the look of film.

We love this one!

The Manual Photographer’s Cheat Sheet: A Comprehensive Infographic for Beginners


digital photography for beginners

This one just because. It's another example of how old things are made new and how understanding the history has helped create something great!

Old-School Instagram Filters

Old School Instagram Filters

Thanks to all the cool peeps that took the time to put together these fantastic infographics!

Stay tuned for the i ❤ photography photography infographic, coming soon!

All photography is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence | esh photography